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Gilded Games now on Patreon!

To support the ongoing development of the Aether II, we have decided to set up a Gilded Games Patreon, to allow fans and supporters to contribute financially to our projects, and help us maintain and upgrade our services.

Please if you have the spare time and/or money, check out our Patreon page using this link

We appreciate every single contribution, no matter how small. We hope to see many of you pop up on our page! We're all very excited to see what Patreon can do for the Aether II's development and Gilded Games as a whole!

The Aether rewrite has gone open-source!

The Aether II for 1.8.9 has gone open source!

In our effort to provide the utmost transparency in our work moving forward, we've decided to open the shutters on our current project: our complete rewrite (from scratch) of the Aether II for 1.8.9!

We're welcoming interested programmers a chance to voice their opinions and submit contributions to the Aether rewrite.

Head to to check out our progress so far!

<3 Potts

Hey, guys!

We're working hard on the Aether II for 1.8 rewrite, but for now, we figured we'd throw together a small Christmas Update for you all! ... And then Christmas happened.

So, introducing -- the totally not late Festive Update!

Now available on your launchers and at!

This new release includes two chillingly new companions, a ton of unique new pendants and rings, and a few more extra goodies! Oh, and did we mention you can now wrap your own presents for friends (or just yourself)?

Thanks for playing, we've got a ton planned for 2016 that we can't wait to talk about!

<3 Potts

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